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Frequently asked questions

Q: What can I write off?

A: To keep it simple, the itemized deductions that most people are referring to fall into 6 categories: medical expenses incurred, taxes paid, mortgage interest paid, charitable contributions given, theft of casualty loss and unreimbursed work related expenses.


Q: How can I increase my refund?

A: You can increase your refund by doing 2 things. One: have more taxes withheld throughout the year from your earnings or two: increase the amount you have to write off (see, "what can I write off"). One of the biggest write offs for most people is their mortgage interest paid on a home loan.


Q: How can I prevent getting audited?

A: There is no way to 100% insure you won't get audited. The only thing that I can suggest in this regard is to make sure you're comfortable with the numbers you put down in case you have to support them later. I have read that the likelihood of getting audited is < 4%. That's 4 out of 100. You're odds of not getting audited are pretty good.


Q: How do I determine my tax home?

A: This is a question that I come across often when working with my travel healthcare professionals. Your tax home is going to be where you maintain a home and/or where you expect to return after your travel assignment concludes. For a more detailed explanation, see IRS publication 463, tax home.


Q: Is it better to file married filing joint or married filing separate?

A: Usually it's going to be better to file married filing joint. However, the numbers have to be run both ways in order to see what will give you the best result. Only on rare occasions have I seen clients benefit from married filing separately.


Q: Am I Head of Household?

A: In order to claim the filing status Head of Household you must have a dependent to claim on your tax return. Without having a dependent you can't be Head of Household.


Q: What do I need to bring to prepare my taxes?

A: Bring all documentation that states "Important Tax Document Enclosed" on the envelope. It's a good idea to forward the preparer a copy of the prior year tax return just so they can review. Gathering this documentation is a good start.


Q: I live out of state can you prepare my taxes?

A: Yes, we work with clients across the country. Your documentation will need to be faxed or emailed to the office and we will schedule a phone appointment with you to review and finalize your tax return.


Q: How much do you charge for tax preparation?

A: Our price is determined by the complexity of the return. For individual returns the range is typically between $175-$275. See our coupon for $20.00 off of your personal income taxes. For business returns the range is typically between $350-$500.


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